Chapeltown is full of surprises

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LIFE is full of surprises. This was never more evident than when I stopped off from a bus journey recently and paid a brief-visit to Chapeltown Park Woods.

How magnificent it was to be greeted by uninterrupted bird song within a leafy canopy, undulating landscape form the old railway embankment and the old spoil heap from the now defunct Smithy Wood coking plant!

It was a magical environment, far different from the former view which once was a total blot on the landscape and where the smell of coal gas constantly filled the air!

Once up on the old spoil heap itself, not only had the silver birch conifer tree saplings taken hold in the concrete-like ground but what amazed me completely was the many dwarf rhododendron bushes that were happily growing there too!

The wonderful pink-purple flowers gracing the green landscape that was once grey, barren and bare were a truly wonderful sight.

Yes! I will definitely be stopping-off again on my next visit to the Chapeltown district, hopefully when the weather is warmer, to see what further delights this neck-of-the-woods dishes up.

Geoff Evans, Bolsover