Chapel Yard is our sanctuary

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‘Sanctuary’ cried Quasimodo. And it is too, unlike Hartshead and Fitzalan Square.

I refer to the Upper Chapel Yard in Norfolk Street, a real oasis in the centre of Sheffield, far from the madding crowd. Like something in the City of London, it escaped the Luftwaffe and the scythe of the urban municipal planner.

I’ve watched the development of the adjacent Carmel House as Sheffield pursues its ‘Holy Grail’ to be in the top retail drawer and, like Sheffielders, marvelled how they kept the frontage.

So it’s reassuring to see the Georgian gravestones wedged carefully in place by the chapel wall. Let’s hope they are going to replace them and not erode them away for car parking spaces or smash them into fragments as they desolated the General Cemetery.

Ron Clayton S6