'Chaos' on Sheffield bus as fight forces passengers to escape through window

Terrified passengers had to break a window to escape after a fight in a Sheffield street spilled onto a bus.

Saturday, 7th January 2017, 2:28 pm
Updated Wednesday, 11th January 2017, 2:49 am
London Road in Sheffield, where the fight took place.

A group of young men, some reportedly armed with sticks, swarmed onto the number 97 from Totley as it stopped near Ozmen International Food Centre in London Road at about 10.45pm on Friday.

Several passengers were trapped at the back of the bus, and one witness, said people had to break the back window and throw themselves to the street to get out.

Ozmen International Food Centre.

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A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said the fight was reported just before 10.45pm, but had died down by the time officers turned up.

They said there was CCTV footage from the bus which would be reviewed over the weekend.

Grandmother Gillian Priest said it was 'chaos' on the bus.

"When a young man is fearful enough to break the window, imagine my fear," she said.

Ozmen International Food Centre.

"I heard glass breaking from a missile thrown outside bus and did not know if their fury would result in injury to myself. The only safe exit was the window."

Mrs Priest, 50, from Westfield, said it was 'disturbing' when the men 'stormed' the bus. She suffered cuts to her hands when she jumped out of the bus.

The 97 service is run by First South Yorkshire.

Police said no-one had been arrested and it was unclear why the fight had started. They urged witnesses to call 101 quoting incident 1238 of January 6.

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