'Chaos' during roadworks, and Sheffield schoolkids in danger, woman warns

Roadworks outside a Sheffield school caused havoc for people dropping their kids off on Thursday. Picture: Alex Lamb
Roadworks outside a Sheffield school caused havoc for people dropping their kids off on Thursday. Picture: Alex Lamb
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School children were being put in danger by work on a busy Sheffield road, a woman has claimed.

Alex Lamb says work on Barnsley Road, outside St Patrick's Catholic Voluntary Academy, did not allow for the safety of parents and carers dropping children off at the school.

She said the work should have taken place in the school holidays.

The pavement on the school side of Barnsley Road had been cordoned off, forcing parents and children to cross the busy road, walk up the central reservation, and cross again to walk in the school gates.

Miss Lamb, 51, said it was 'crazy' to put people's safety at risk.

"It's very dangerous, and very badly planned," she said.

Miss Lamb, who lives at Wheldrake Park, Fir Vale, described the morning as 'chaotic'.

"Especially in the rain this morning," she said.

"Why couldn't they have done this in the school holidays?"

The child minder has school drop offs across the city, and said the situation outside the school was the worst she'd seen for children't safety at roadworks,

Miss Lamb said pedestrians were often forgotten when roads were being upgraded.

"In the big scheme of things, you find this with a lot of roadworks, there's no provision for pedestrians," she said.

The school opened another gate in the afternoon to allow children exit further up Barnsley Road.

A school representative said she would have appreciated notice of the roadwork taking place.

"It would have been nice if they'd forewarned us," business manager Kathryn Fox said.

"The school wasn't advised of the works going on.

"The school could made alternative arrangements."

A spokesman for Streets Ahead, who carried out the work, said it had to be carried out during the school term.

“The work is now complete on this section of pavement and we’d like to thank people for bearing with us while it took place," they said.

“Unfortunately, due to the major work we’re carrying out across the city, which includes resurfacing 660 miles of road and 1,370 miles of pavement, we’re not able to schedule all of it within school holidays.

"However there was a controlled crossing point 50 yards away which parents could use to drop their children off at school.”