Changes ordered to mobile phone antennae on ancient city chimney

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MOBILE phone antennae fixed to a 200-year-old industrial chimney in Sheffield were not installed correctly.

Sheffield Council has now given the company which owns the mast 28 days to make changes at Staniforth Works, Main Street, Hackenthorpe.

The antennae are attached to the top of the 11m chimney and proposals were approved in January to replace them.

Three main antennae, painted the same colour as the brickwork, were to be changed for new ones of identical size.

Six smaller ancillary antennae would be replaced with three of the same size and an equipment cabinet would be installed on the ground.

But the antennae stuck out at the top of the chimney and were not painted black, as required under planning permission.

Abby and David Beckett-Smith, who live at Greenside, a neighbouring 17th century Grade II listed house, had objected to the antennae application, supported by Sheffield South East MP Clive Betts.

Mrs Beckett-Smith said: “The council has written to the developer informing them the installation was not installed according to the approved plans and that they do not have planning permission for it. They have been given 28 days notice to rectify the situation. We are obviously very happy with the latest news.”

Mr Betts called the antennae ‘intrusive visual development’.