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OUR democratic rights are a cause always worth championing so any change to the voting system will always be treated with suspicion. No wonder then that a proposed revamp of the voting registration rules is stirring opposition.

Labour politicians claim it could see more than 100,000 people in Sheffield disappear from the electoral register as individuals are required to sign up.

An alarming figure? The office promoting the change is overseen by Nick Clegg so Labour are bound to complain.

But there is an issue far more important than party politics. People deserve the right to vote and any change to the way they do that needs to be explained clearly. It may be that a new way of voter registration encourages greater individual responsibility. But it must not be allowed without proper consultation. Anything less would be unforgivable.

Bomber truly is a great role model

BOMBER Graham was the city’s first modern boxing hero. A man who showed you can achieve your ambition to be a champ through hard work, dedication and God-given talent.

He opened the door for later champions who put Sheffield on the world boxing map and acted as a role model for hundreds who suddenly realised there was a golden future if only they worked hard to achieve it.

Therefore it comes as a great surprise to learn that the man who smiled his way through his public life nursed a troubled and tempestuous personal life.

Herol Graham’s attempt to take his own life will shock all those who aspired to be like him or who thrilled to see him in action in the ring. His breezy personality brought light into the lives of thousands who owe him a debt for the manner in which he entertained them.

We’re sure readers will share the great sense of relief to learn that he overcame those troubles and hope that his autobiography will once more show that he can be an inspirational figure for Sheffield’s young people to follow.

Sport is champion

THE World Short Track Speed Skating Championships, which were held at Sheffield Arena in March this year, may not have been the best supported sporting event in the city this year... but they certainly show that we have struck a rich financial vein.

For the event is reckoned to have brought in a cool half a million pounds to Sheffield’s economy, showing once more that sport is more than a passion in this city - it is a way out of recession.

We hope to see more events of this nature in the future.