Change to social care payment

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For a while social care has been paid for by direct payments from the council, however this has now changed to SDS (self directed support).

This is a means of giving the client more independence and control over their care and who provides it. I have been given an indicative budget from the council to pay for care from the provider of my choice.

What I disagree with is that once the budget has been agreed, the council carries out a financial assessment of income and outgoings. But unless people on benefits had a Section 117 they do not have to contribute for care, but others do. If you’re in work, again you don’t need to contribute to your care. The whole thing stinks!

Toby Morgan, S10

End these wind farm subsidies

wind farms wouldn’t exist without subsidies. Yet they are a threat to our most beautiful countryside.

These subsidies (which go mostly to foreign companies and landowners) aren’t paid by the government, but are financed from electricity bills. This covert tariff throttles economic growth, makes exports less competitive and is horrendous for the millions in fuel poverty.

If you want this scam to end, vote for a recent e-petition that seeks a reform of subsidies that will reduce electricity bills. Visit and type ‘reduce electricity bills’.

When the petition hits its target, it will be eligible for a debate in the Commons.

John Hatt