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Judd Newton asks what is wrong with the John Lewis store where it is?

It is evident Judd has lots of memories of old Sheffield but no one holds their hands up and says I Did That.

I remember Bowden Street half a century ago when Frank Nicholson was a Little Mester there.

It was a three-storey building backing onto the Jewish cemetery off Fitzwilliam street.

All three floors were occupied turning out the best cutlery and paper scrapers for Sheffield shops – these were memories to be preserved.

Today it’s a car park and flats. My question is who are these faceless idiots who destroy memories that are for future generations of Sheffield young?

The egg box is a perfect example of idiots let loose with blunt pencils not lasting any period of time.

They attack the city centre while you can travel up St Phillips Road and see the demolition of the Well Meadow area to see a perfect investment opportunity that will be there in another 10 years as an investment opportunity.

But then those factories have been bulldozed to the ground already, nothing to destroy.

I wonder how long it will be before they start on the Smithfield area, Furnace Hill area which is steeped in Sheffield history?

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