Chance to quiz green experts at eco debate

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Academics, business leaders and politicians are gathering for a public debate about how to create a ‘low carbon’ economy in Sheffield.

The Climate Change event will be held between 7pm and 9pm this Thursday at Mappin Hall, Mappin Street.

A report by the Centre for Low Carbon Futures at Leeds University has claimed more than 6,000 new jobs could be created, and £300 million added to Sheffield and surrounding towns’ economies each year, through green industries.

The public meeting will discuss the report, and plans will be outlined to set up a Sheffield Green Commission.

Coun Jack Scott, Sheffield Council cabinet member for environment, said: “It is clear, with rising CO2 levels – backed by a report from the Centre for Low Carbon Futures at Leeds University - that Sheffield needs to be the one of the leading authorities in tackling this issue.

“I am keen to start a Green Commission for Sheffield which in itself means raising awareness of sustainable technologies, the responsible use of resources and adopting alternative energy sources, such that our economy can prosper for generations to come.

“I want everyone to have the access to up-to-date information and an informed debate. It is essential everyone works together to tackle this issue – we need input from the public and this meeting is our first step in doing this.”

The event will welcome two speakers - Dr John Broderick from Tyndall Climate Centre at Manchester University, and Prof Andrew Gouldson, the author of a report on the economies of developing low carbon cities.

Dr Jeremy Wight, director of public health in Sheffield, will also be a panel member.