Challenge for intrepid duo

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When I read ‘Sheffield sat nav will drive you mad’ (March 11), my first thought was about grandmothers and sucking eggs. Most drivers already know what a nightmare the road system is, especially when a bus breaks down in the city centre. But then I recognised the brilliance of the article, it came complete with a coloured map.

Everything was spot on, the problem was me. By the time I was half-way through each individual route I was lost - and I was only reading it! Looking at the map, everything became crystal clear. Will the planning department be embarrassed by these findings? I doubt it. Will things change? One can only hope.

If your intrepid duo are game for another day out, may I suggest a trip to the railway station as a family of four with plenty of luggage? This adventure is not about footbridge access but rather vehicle access via a stupid little winding lane with one side used as a taxi rank. If it’s raining so much the better!

The object is to compare the space available at the back entrance for numerous vehicles to the complete over-the-top waste of space and money at the front. The only time people appear to notice it is when they take a picture, or a local politician decides to use the backdrop again!

Brian Wells, Sheffield