Challenge 50

I am a great fan of marking '˜significant' ages in a positive way, to celebrate being alive and, thankfully, being healthy.

Monday, 12th February 2018, 6:37 am
Updated Monday, 12th February 2018, 6:50 am
Rainbow Trust

This year I am turning 50 and rather than throwing a big party I’ve decided to celebrate in a way that benefits other people.

So throughout 2018 I will be completing ‘Challenge 50’ – 50 different challenges on 50 different days to raise £10,000 for Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity, the most incredible charity that supports over 2,300 families with a seriously ill child in England.

This February, to tie in with Valentine’s Day, my challenge is to encourage the public to join me in a small act of kindness by donating the cost of a Valentine’s bunch of flowers or box of chocolates to Rainbow Trust. Hence this letter.

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Just £10 could pay for a sensory toy to help Rainbow Trust Family Support Workers entertain a seriously ill child with special needs, giving their parents a much needed break.

To make a donation please visit because small gestures of kindness really make a huge difference to families caring for a child with a life-threatening condition.

Zillah Bingley

Chief Executive Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity

Our amazing foster carers

Growing up is tough at the best of times but it can be even harder for children in care.

They are some of the most vulnerable children in society and Barnardo’s urgently needs more people to support them. Our amazing foster carers listen to their problems, encourage them and teach them life skills.

For our part Barnardo’s provides carers with ongoing support and training to help them when the going gets a little tough, which means they can be reassured there’s always someone there for them.

We also understand that difficult situations do not always happen between 9am and 5pm and that’s why we have to why we have a social worker available to offer advice and support at any time of the day or night. You’re never alone – there’s always someone to pass on experience and advice.

From the moment you enquire about becoming a foster carer, throughout your very first placement and beyond, Barnardo’s is there for you to ensure everything runs smoothly.

We often think of our foster carers as superheroes but the reality is that they’re ordinary people doing extraordinary things – because they’ve taken the decision to open up their families to look after vulnerable children.

If you’re interested in fostering we’re here to help, we’re here to advise and we’re here to listen.

Please visit for more details.

Ann-Marie Henderson

Barnardo’s Operations Manager for Fostering, Barnardo’s East Region

Tramlines in Hillsborough

Good news that Tramlines is coming to Hillsborough Park.

If this is going to be a permanent fixture perhaps it could help the fortunes of the Hillsborough Walled Garden and the Grade 2 Coachhouse that are sad signs of the hard times that this part of the Park has been through recently.

Sauntering up Middlewood Road recently, dressed in my best Sherpa attire and occasionally sampling the local independent cafe society, I peered over the hedge looking for signs of life in the Garden.

Alas, no sign of the tracks of a Yeti or an insomniac squirrel or a Polar bear having a conversation from the top of a glacier mint with Brer Fox.

The snowdrops are out in Worrall and crocuses aboundeth in Loxley Bottoms.

Ron Clayton


Amey’s work

Last year Amey were renewing the footpaths in Crookes and the day after asphalting Pickmere Road, Sackville Road and others, the footpaths were dug up for new street lights to be installed.

Now Amey is back but doing the road surfaces.

Last week Mona Road was resurfaced but the next day dug up and now has cones and safety fences round a large hole.

So it seems as though Amey are still working to the same standard.

Jay Bee


Mayoral elections

I note that Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis is now also in the running for the Mayoral Election.

I wonder what other readers think about Mr Jarvis wanting to remain MP for Barnsley Central if he does become elected in the up-coming mayoral election?

Should Mr Jarvis win the mayoral election then I feel that there is moral dutyfor him to then resign as Barnsley Central MP so that he can give his full devotion to the function of mayor.

My concern if Mr Jarvis becomes mayor then if he continued as MP for Barnsley Central there might be a conflict of interest when it comes to bringing extra funds in to the region to be spent.

Understandably his first passion would be Barnsley Central rather than anywhere else in the region.

So do people feel the same way?

Toby Morgan



Proposals are being made to build a road, about one mile long, under Stonehenge costing £1.6 billion (and still going up). I propose instead to build a road round stonehenge (north or south of).

Better still give the money to South Yorkshire. We will use it in a more sensible way.

Eddie Peart

Broom Crescent, Rotherham, S60

Royal hair

So Prince William decides to get a buzzcut as he’s going thin on top now. He’s had the shave like Ross Kemp etc. It looks good but is it true it cost a jaw-dropping £180? I know prices are more expensive in London but surely no one would pay that even if you are rolling in it. A fool and their money are easily parted.

Jayne Grayson

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