Central library

It is now official that Sheffield's beautiful art deco central library will be replaced with a bland, tedious new building.

Thursday, 17th May 2018, 6:56 am
Updated Thursday, 17th May 2018, 7:01 am
The Central Library and Graves Art Gallery in Sheffield

For those who may have missed it, the Sheffield Labour manifesto for the local elections we have just had pledged that “We’re going to build a new Central Library and culture hub, which generations to come will be proud of”.

This decision makes no sense given that Sheffield Council commissioned their own feasibility study into redeveloping the Central Library a few years ago.

The cost of doing that is likely to be less than relocating the library and then converting it into a ‘cultural hub’, even though it already is a cultural hub.

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The Future Investment and Redevelopment Plans for The Sheffield Central Library state that “the faults in the very structure of the building are relatively limited and can be dealt with at neither disproportionately nor a particularly high cost”.

Sheffield Central Library was left in trust to the people of Sheffield, not as Sheffield City Council property. It should be kept as a library and art gallery for future generations.

I would urge library users to join the Sheffield Central Library Action Group which is on Facebook and express their concerns to local councillors and MPs.

Martin Vaughan

Sheffield, S6

Truthful answers

Mrs May’s use of the English language is terrible. On Wednesday, May 2, at Prime Minister’s Questions, she used the word ENSURE 24 times in 40 minutes of answers. So with my humble apologies, I will answer the questions she dodged truthfully.

I will make sure the NHS is run down so that I will privatise it, i.e. funding cuts, visas stopped for doctors and nurses from India and the other parts of the world who are willing to help.

My government has cut the police numbers by 21,000 so that crime figures rocket.

My other great achievement, with Mr Grayling’s help, is that in spite of being told by experienced railwaymen that train guards are very necessary, I have caused strikes for two years. We both hate unions and it doesn’t matter about the cost to industry.

I have made sure that the smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-Semitic liars is getting the Windrush and Grenfell Tower issues pushed into the background by our friends in the BBC and press.

My government is trying hard in the Brexit negotiations to upset our European friends while keeping up our special relationship with Mr Trump who will take us into more wars.

The Tour de Yorkshire cycling was great and may we now get the Northern Powerhouse promised by my government because at the moment it is like the Northern Workhouse from the 1930s.

B Gannon

Sheffield, S5

Can’t see the resemblance

Reading the letter from S Collins on the review of Spearmint Rhino, he said it was brought about by a resident that may live nearby, then he suggests she could move. Maybe she likes her property or can’t afford to move.

Then he goes on to say objectors can write to an address to complain that The Star printed. If they have, where is it?

Then it’s the population of Sheffield, half a million, only 100 have objected. Maybe it’s not published enough.

Last of all he says objectors should take a walk around the city centre at weekends to see scantily-clad girls effing and blinding and throwing up.

I can’t see the resemblance.

B Wilkinson

Sheffield, S10

We have trees

Mr Warris, the Herdings shopping area must be a special case if vandalism is sorted by council, as it’s never addressed further down the valley. What kind of help and advice do Mick and Jenny give – mortgages, changing energy suppliers?

I have ways thought that customers enter a shop, buy what they want, then leave. Mick and Jenny probably are decent people but in the long run they are running a business and you keep your customers happy.

I do know that the Newfield Green shopping area is owned by a private company. I was told it was a religious group who owned it but I’ve dismissed that, as the workshy that infest the place still haven’t had fire and brimstone heaped upon them.

Oh yes, your comment on trees, I’m sure we have trees in abundance down here, they’re the tall things with green protuberances on them and birds build their nests in them aren’t they.

If I’m right then I can confidently say we do have trees.

M Anthony

Sheffield, S14

Who cares?

Just two streets in Sheffield applied for licences for the Royal wedding on Saturday.

I think it’s the Daily Mail who are so excited about what’s happening. Ask most people on the streets, are we really bothered about a marriage for people we don’t know?

It’s like hanging round some random church and watching strangers marry. Why would we care?

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

Full council meetings

It is with some amusement that I read of Sheffield City Council’s tweaking of its arrangements of Full Council Meetings ‘to make the authority more accessible to members of the public’.

I believe that was also the reason given when meetings were moved from 2pm to 5pm only a matter of months ago, yet there has been no shortage of public interest in those months with the pubic gallery overflowing and proceedings inaudibly relayed to an antechamber.

Reducing the time for debates would simply make filibustering easier.

If SCC genuinely want to increase openness and participation they should introduce live streaming so that the whole Sheffield electorate can see what a shambles the meetings are.

Smoke and mirrors.

Live streaming, recording and online publication is the answer to poor behaviour in Full Council Meetings.

Maybe that’s why SCC are so reluctant to do it.

H McIlroy

Nether Edge