Centertainment murder in Sheffield not believed to be pre-planned attack, say detectives

Detectives investigating a murder at Valley Centertainment in Sheffield do not believe it was a pre-planned attack.

Friday, 26th October 2018, 12:13 pm
Updated Friday, 26th October 2018, 12:18 pm
Fahim Hersi was stabbed to death at the Centertainment complex in Sheffield

Fahim Hersi, aged 22, was stabbed to death outside Cineworld during a clash between two groups of friends who had pre-bought tickets for screenings at the cinema complex on the same night.

Fahim Hersi was stabbed to death at the Centertainment complex in Sheffield

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Detectives investigating the killing believe it was a '˜coming together' of two groups, who would not have crossed paths if either party had arrived a few minutes earlier or later.

But a disagreement broke out and in the disturbance that followed two men were stabbed.

Fahim, from Broomhall, suffered a fatal knife wound to his chest and another man, 21, was also stabbed and rushed to hospital but survived.

CRIME: Teenager injured in double stabbing in Sheffield remains in hospital He was later arrested on suspicion of murder before being released under investigation.

A total of nine arrests have been made so far but nobody has yet been charged.

Detective Chief Inspector Steve Handley, leading the murder probe, said the investigation into the murder is painstakingly methodical to ensure that no stone remains unturned.

'We are confident we have a clear picture of what happened and how it unfolded '“ we have CCTV which we are overlaying with witness testimony and dash cam footage.

'We are using experts in CCTV examination and are also looking at telecoms data, which are both slow and methodical processes but important.

'The CCTV footage gives us a clear indication of who was there, including members of the public who were around.

'We still have a few people to trace who would clearly have knowledge of what happened but we have some positive lines of enquiry to achieve that.'

He added: 'We are confident that we will get the truth '“ who exactly was there, who did what and why.

'Anyone with information, involved or aware of people there need to come forward now. It will be easier for us to understand the delay and their explanation now as opposed to when we get to them.'

DCI Handley said the stabbing came during a clash between two groups of friends who knew each other but he is confident it was not premeditated.

'As a result of a coming together '“ and we remain open minded as to why '“ there was some disagreement,' he said.

'There was a disturbance which, over a short period, of time led to person in one group being stabbed, but not fatally. As a result of that, events continued and culminated in fatal injury of Mr Hersi.'

DCI Handley said detectives were working through '˜different lines of enquiry' including possible links between the two groups who clashed on the night of the murder.

He said: 'It happened very quickly and if people had been there 10 minutes either side of the time it happened they possibly would not have seen each other and the outcome could have been different.

'But someone had to have been carrying a knife for this to have happened and we have to get the message out for people not to, so that nobody else ends up in this position.'

He said Mr Hersi's family deserves to know what happened.

'Everyone deserves the right to know how their loved one passed away,' said DCI Handley.

'When people don''t fully know it adds to their trauma.'

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.