Census reveals population growth

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ALL areas of South Yorkshire experienced a rise in population over the last decade, the Office of National Statistics has revealed.

Figures have been released comparing data from the 2011 census with the 2001 census.

The statistics show Sheffield’s population rose by 7.7 per cent from 513,100 people to 552,700.

Meanwhile, the number of people living in Barnsley rose by 6 per cent.

The borough’s population rose to 231,200, up from 218,100 a decade earlier.

And in Doncaster, the number of people increased by 5.4 per cent.

The Office of National Statistics said there were 302,400 people living in the town last year compared with 286,900 in 2001.

Rotherham experienced the smallest growth.

Over the period, the town’s population only grew by 3.6 per cent, to 257,300 from 248,300.

South Yorkshire’s overall population rose from 1,266,400 to 1,343,600 over the period.

The overall increase was 77,200, equivalent to 6 per cent.

South Yorkshire’s population is expected to grow further over the coming decade.

In Sheffield, in particular, authorities are planning for the population to expand to as many as 600,000 people – with work ongoing to expand the capacity of schools and care services to cope with the rapid growth.

Areas of high population growth are expected to include those with large immigrant communities.

Elsewhere in Yorkshire, the largest population growth has been in Richmondshire, where the population rose 10 per cent in the 10-year period.