Sheffield sales rep goes back to the Stone Age

Sheffield's Kym Hall, who is appearing on Channel 5 show 10,000BC
Sheffield's Kym Hall, who is appearing on Channel 5 show 10,000BC
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A Sheffield sales rep has gone back to the Stone Age for a ground-breaking social experiment on TV.

Kym Hall, aged 32, left the 21st Century to be dropped into a forested wilderness in a remote area of Bulgaria for 10,000BC on Channel 5.

The first episode of the show aired last night.

Kym, who grew up on the Manor and then moved to Carterknowle, said she jumped at the chance to be sent back in time with 19 other modern day Brits.

“I thought if I get to kill the meat that I have to eat, that is what I want to go and do,” she said.

“I can’t have my meat medium rare, it has to be bloody and disgusting!

“I think it will open my eyes to how we are meant to live. I can’t imagine I’ll be reluctant to go back to my warm bed but I think it will make me a lot more appreciative of those people in my life who I have now.

“I don’t do well when I’m hungry and cold. Those are the two things that I know we will have to go through and it will be torture.”

Last night, the team met archaeologist and survival expert Klint Janulis, who helped them swap their iPhones and modern clothes for animal skins.

He also introduced them to their new home - a Mesolithic style camp - supplied with some basic tools, rations and a pile of flint.

Hours later, the fire still wasn’t lit to cook their meat so it was due to be a cold and hungry night.

Speaking before her experience, Kym said she was looking forward to making some new friends at the camp.

“I am usually the odd one out in a group but there are always energies that I tend to sense and get on with,” she said.

“I have got a boyfriend so I’m not looking for love. When I’ve not shaved for eight weeks or straightened my hair it will not be the place to meet anybody!”

n Viewers will get the next instalment tonight at 10pm.