Celebrating life and resurrection at Easter

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THIS will be a unique Easter for me

There is extensive building work going on in Sheffield Cathedral.

The Cathedral remains open for daily worship, but there isn’t space for our normal Easter congregations.

The main morning service at 10.30 am on Easter Day will be in the Cutlers’ Hall, just across the road from the Cathedral.

The Cathedral and the Cutlers’ Hall, between them, represent two of the main shaping influences on Sheffield as a city.

The steel industry celebrates this year the 100th anniversary of the invention of stainless steel by Harry Brearley, one of a number of key inventions which shaped Sheffield’s life.

From 1800 to 1940, the population of the city grew more than tenfold. The economy of the region was transformed.

Stainless steel made in Sheffield is used all over the world in iconic buildings and in people’s homes.

But Christian church celebrates something even more wonderful and far- reaching on Easter Day.

We too celebrate an event in history: the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. On Good Friday we remember Jesus was crucified.

Three days later, God raised him from the dead. His tomb was empty.

“He was seen by many witnesses. His followers were transformed.

“The Christian church began and has spread to every corner of the earth.

Christians believe that we can know Jesus Christ today in our daily lives.

We believe that because Jesus died and rose again we can begin our lives again with God and that eternal life is offered to everyone.

The discovery of stainless steel was a remarkable moment and changed the lives of many people in this great city.

But the discovery that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and all his resurrection means is, quite simply, the greatest discovery that anyone can ever make.