Celeb babies have it rough

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2011 is responsible for more weird names than ever before being added to the world of baby celebs.

Now I’ve always considered myself a fan of names with a difference - within reason.

I do actually think Harper (Beckham) is quite a cute one.

I’m not really sold on Seven as a middle name. Given the patriotic tie to dad David’s England shirt, though, I’m willing to let it slide.

I can get on board with Agnes Lark - daughter of Jennier Connelly - and maybe even Mirabella Bunny - daughter of rock star Bryan Adams.

I do, however, draw the line at Spike - the name of Mike Myers future ‘school-bully’ son.

Nor do I care for Waylon, who I’m afraid mother Drea de Matteo has condemned to a hillbilly future in a trailer park.

I don’t know what Alicia Silverstone was thinking with Bear Blu and feel dreadfully sorry for Kate Hudson’s Bing.

I think Mariah Carey wants her head examining for inflicting Moroccan upon her suffering son.

Poor Aleph Portman, son of Natalie, will no doubt spend the rest of his life spelling his name for call centre personnel.

Hopefully all the money will help ease the pain.