Ceiling collapse fear for pets ‘menagerie’

Kerry Bracken at her home in Shirecliffe
Kerry Bracken at her home in Shirecliffe
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An animal lover says she fears for her pets’ lives if damaged ceilings collapse due to delays to repairs at her Sheffield home.

Workmen were due to repair water-damaged ceilings at Kerry Bracken’s property on Boynton Road in Shirecliffe, but they cancelled an appointment - and the tenant was told it could be up to 55 days before a new one is arranged.

Housing worker Kerry said she was worried about where she would put her ‘menagerie’ of four dogs, four cats and a snake if the ceilings - damaged by a water leak in the loft - collapse in the meantime.

She added: “I can’t believe it should take that long for a new appointment.

“I also have no more annual leave left to take to be home for when they do decide to arrive!”

A spokeswoman for Sheffield Council maintenance contractor Kier promised the repairs would now be carried out ‘as soon as possible’ - rather than in 55 days.