CCTV shows Jordan Thomas’s killers following him in car moments before shooting

Jordan Thomas, aged 22, died as a result of gunshot injuries
Jordan Thomas, aged 22, died as a result of gunshot injuries
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CCTV footage has shown the killers of Sheffield murder victim Jordan Thomas following him in a car moments before he was shot.

A jury at Sheffield Crown Court were also shown the Mitsubishi Shogun used in the killing on Derek Dooley Way on December 21 being driven away from the scene before it was abandoned at Ponderosa Park a couple of minutes after the fatal attack.

The scene of the Derek Dooley Way murder

The scene of the Derek Dooley Way murder

Mr Thomas, aged 22, was shot twice in the chest by a masked gunman, allegedly in connection with a ‘long-running feud’ between rival groups of young men.

Jama Ahmed, 26, and Asif Yousaf, 33, both deny playing a part in the murder.

Footage of both the Ford Mondeo that Jordan was a passenger in and the Shogun in the Burngreave area at just after 10pm was shown to the jury.

At 10.08pm CCTV showed the Shogun passing the Mondeo going in the opposite direction, before turning around in the road.

The final sighting before the attack showed the Mondeo going down Spital Hill and across The Wicker at 10.09pm, closely followed by the Shogun - two minutes before the shooting at the end of Derek Dooley Way at the turning to the Parkway.

At 10.12pm, footage was shown of the Shogun going through Sheffield city centre, and later going past Snig Hill Police Station before last being seen on St Philip’s Road at 10.14pm, close to where it was later found abandoned in Ponderosa Park.

The Shogun was purchased around two hours before the attack and it is the prosecution’s case that Ahmed was involved in the purchase of the car for the purpose of the murder and Yousaf was the driver.

Earlier in yesterday’s proceedings, Dexter Dias QC, for Ahmed, said his client accepted he had made a phone call to City Taxis at 8.03pm arranging for a lift from outside Lloyds Pharmacy off London Road to Birley Spa Lane, where the Shogun’s seller lived.

CCTV from a Paddy Power shop on London Road showed Ahmed inside between 7.20pm and 7.35pm on the night of the killing. Yousaf was separately shown in the same shop between from 9.44pm, where he was on his own on the phone before leaving at 9.51pm.

Ahmed, of Broomhall Place, and Yousaf, of Violet Bank Road, both deny murdering Jordan Thomas and attempting to murder Neshaun Ferguson. Yousaf’s parents, Mohammed Yousaf, 61, and Tazeem Bi, 57, both deny attempting to pervert the course of justice.


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