Caught on camera

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I can’t believe that someone seems to have followed Police around with the intent of catching them breaking the law, I for one have no problem with what the Police have done, going for a takeaway? They have to eat sometime, going back to their station cannot be done when on a case, posting a letter, wow that is serious isn’t it? These officers put their lives on the line every single day for people like Mr Shaun Perera, with his obvious dislike of the police, would he opt out of calling them if anyone committed any type of offence against him, I don’t think he would, reading between the lines he’s had a run in with the boys in blue which rubbed him up the wrong way.

In one of the photos published,it shows a patrol car parked with just a portion of it in a bus stop pull in yet much worse to me and other people, the van parked on the pavement is committing a worse offence. Let the police be, their job is hard enough without this petty accusation.

Mr Vin Malone

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