Cats rescue centre appeals for donations to care for injured pets

CatsNW'Maisey the rescued cat
CatsNW'Maisey the rescued cat
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CAN you help these cats find new homes?

Sheffield Cats Shelter has issued an appeal for donations to help meet medical costs after one of its rescue cats underwent a leg amputation, and another faces surgery due to severe burns.

CatsNW'Sammy - one of Maisey kittens

CatsNW'Sammy - one of Maisey kittens

Roberta Bunn, chair of the shelter, said: “Maisy, a beautiful black cat, was admitted after being found in a garden with four six-week-old kittens.

“Her leg was badly injured and the vet decided it was best to amputate.”

Once she has recovered Maisy and her kittens will be looking for a new home - alongside Millie, who had her tail burned in a house fire.

Once Millie, who is pregnant, has delivered and weaned her kittens she needs to have her tail amputated.

Roberta said: “Expensive operations like these mean our budget is hard hit, and we welcome any donations to help meet the costs.”

n Write to The Treasurer, Sheffield Cats Shelter, 1 Travis Place, Sheffield, S10 2DB, marking the envelope ‘Maisy’ or ‘Millie’.