Cat shelter fundraising

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VOLUNTEERS at Sheffield Cats Shelter have installed a display cabinet of good quality items for sale to help raise money for their fostering scheme.

The scheme, which costs £4,000 a year to run, enables the shelter to find foster homes for rescue cats needing special care and treatment.

The cabinet has been christened Tibby’s Treasures in honour of a diabetic cat being fostered by David Bull, one of the shelter’s supporters.

“Fostering is very rewarding and it gives the cats a second chance that they would not normally get,” said David.

“Tibby gets on very well with his foster brother Sweep; they play fight and make lots of mess but like typical men they never clear up after themselves.”

Anyone interested in fostering a cat or who wants to make a donation to support the scheme, contact the shelter on 0114 272 4441 between 1.30pm and 3.30pm any day.