Castle under siege

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I think your correspondent Judd Newton (Oct 29) has rather misunderstood what Ron Clayton and other ‘protagonists’ are hoping for.

No-one wants to see a much-used shopping centre replaced by ‘a pile of rubble’. However, if the Castle Market building is to be replaced with a new building there is an opportunity for the design to allow areas of the castle ruins to be able to be viewed within the shopping malls, together with explanatory panels.

This has been done very successfully in other cities such as York.

Sheffield castle was a huge building and of significant historical and strategic importance, which is why Parliament were so efficient in its eradication in 1648. There is a wide interest in researching it and it is not beyond the wit of man to design a shopping mall which features views down on to an earlier historic building on the site.

The friends of Bishops’ House and of Manor Lodge are currently making what could just be ‘old relics of the past’ useful activity centres in the 21st century. can be done. Trust me, I’m an architect.

John Brown

being a born and bred Sheffielder, I do not believe that most of my fellow citizens would rather see the Castle Market ‘restored to its former glory’, as Paul Kenny suggests.

How can he say Sheffield Castle has no historical resonance? Look up the history, Mr Kenny, and accept Ron Clayton’s expertise in all things Sheffield.

I just hope you have more heart for the heritage of the rest of this great country than you are showing for the history and heritage of our own city./

The market can go anywhere and, if you haven’t got it yet, it was the castle that gave the market its name. Let’s move the market, open up the castle remains and we might just have two attractions to tempt people to our city.

R.A Cundy, S20