Castle dig can’t be rushed

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Pleased to see Danny Allsebrook’s letter on Sheffield Castle and the training trenches up at Redmires and even more pleased to see the later piece by Councillor Leigh Bramall.

Well Danny there isn’t a rush to excavate the site of Sheffield Castle – it ain’t a job that can be done in a rush –but there is a great desire to see the council’s committment put into real terms, if only by the commencement of trial trenches.

No one wants to see this opportunity put off for too many years because of lack of finance or on the grounds that the remains are covered over until excavation techniques improve.

There is a need to conserve the remains from deterioration and to check out the damage done to the ‘ bastion’ remains by their ‘truncation’ for the foundations of the markets.

As for the training trenches, I wonder whether they have any statutory protection? Especially as we have the centenary of the Somme next year.

Ron Clayton

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