Casino girl loses out

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A CROUPIER from Eckington near Sheffield took a gamble and lost - when she got behind the wheel of a car while over the drink-driving limit and without a full driving licence.

Learner-driver Adele Clarke, who had only a provisional driving licence, was over the limit when she hit the front of a house soon after taking the wheel, magistrates heard.

Julie Downes, prosecuting, said the occupants of the property heard a collision at 12.40am on June 15 and saw a female and a young child in the back of the Nissan Micra.

They told Clarke that the police would be called, and she tried to move the car, but they insisted that she left it in position.

Clarke, aged 27, and her passengers were seen by police soon afterwards.

She went on to give a reading of 52mcgs of alcohol in 100mls of breath. The legal limit is 35mcgs.

“A friend said it was her vehicle,” Mrs Downes told Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court.

“The defendant, a provisional licence holder, had had about 30 hours’ worth of driving instruction.

“She said the car didn’t have power steering. She didn’t put enough lock on to make a right hand turn and went into the house.”

Mrs Downes added: “She said she was sorry.”

Clarke, of Mossbeck Court, West Street, Eckington, admitted drink-driving and driving without insurance at Eckington on June 15.

She had no previous convictions.

Magistrates fined her £255, with £85 costs, and £100 compensation. She received a one-year road ban, to be cut to nine months if she passes a drink-driving rehabilitation course.

Julie Page, defending Clarke, said the croupier had visited a neighbour’s home and had an unexpected reunion there with an old friend called Hayley, who had a young child.

“She was being poured brandy with a mixer. Hayley then insisted on driving home because she needed the car the next morning,” said Ms Page.

“The defendant was concerned about that as Hayley had been drinking - and so she took a foolish to decision to drive the vehicle herself instead.

“It wasn’t a major collision - there was damage to the door step.”

The court heard Clarke had worked at a casino for almost ten years.

As part of the conditions of her employment she must now report the offence to the Gambling Commission.

“She doesn’t know if her licence will be revoked,” added Ms Page.