Cash should be king

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I MUST congratulate The Star for its article on the Cashless Bus Scheme, September 8.

In several small paragraphs on its opinion page, all the people in Sheffield and beyond should now be just itching to career into the Brave New World.

The Star tells us that this is music to our ears. Is it? Have you asked anyone if they would like to have to take their bank or credit cards and swipe them onto a machine on a bus? Do we really want another scenario with which our details could be compromised or we could be mugged by some opportunist on a late-night bus home.

I would personally rather fumble for change in any situation than move towards a scenario where everything we buy is logged on a database, and yes people, that means everything.

So it won’t take long for Big Brother to access how much a person drinks or smokes or what a person eats, where you eat, how often you eat it. Maybe then it would be decided if we were a burden on society or whether we are worthy of wospital treatment.

To me it sounds like the foetus of a scientific tyranny and it is no surprise that the media, being a major part of the corporate control structure is so eager to brainwash people that they need it.

Cash is king and always should be. Ask any businessman if they prefer to wait six months to be paid or if they have a business that means cold hard cash, I bet you’ve guessed the answer. The only people who benefit from this are the ones in favour of the Globalist Agenda, this is not in the interest of the people.

I will hazard a guess that the eventual method of the control structure for moving us towards a cashless society will be one of scaring you into accepting it. Another method no doubt, even as it is today, will be more huge amounts of money spent on advertising aimed towards the “Yoof” and to make the others seem like dinosaurs.

The Government has recently reassured people that cheques will not be phased out, but The Star has propelled us into the technocracy and beyond in less than one page. Don’t be fooled, I would bet that only a minority actually want this and I hope it is proved in the bus companies’ profits.

JW, Broomhill