Cash machine scam warning

cashBJ''The cash machine on Sandygate Road in Crosspool'CREDIT Robin Byles
cashBJ''The cash machine on Sandygate Road in Crosspool'CREDIT Robin Byles
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Customers’ money is wired to bar in America

Residents are being warned to keep an eye on their bank accounts – after people using a Sheffield cash machine have had money wired to a bar in America.

Customers who had withdrawn cash from a machine in Crosspool alerted the police after they spotted money leaving their accounts.

One man noticed a bar in America had tried to take $245 – £128 – from his account.

And around the same time another resident noticed the same bar had taken $1,500 – £968.

Ian Hague, from Crosspool Forum, said: “I noticed that when I put my card in I had to give it a real shove.

“It was difficult trying to pull the card back out as well but luckily I didn’t lose any money.”

The problem had appeared to clear up when the company that owns the machine fitted a green security device.

But since the start of December residents have noticed money leaving their accounts again.

A police spokesman confirmed it is believed cash is being wired to somewhere in America.

The spokesman added: “Police did receive a number of reports of a suspected device at an ATM machine situated on Sandygate Lane outside the Spar convenience store.

“The reports were received after account holders were contacted by their banks informing them there had been fraudulent transactions on their accounts.

“When officers checked the ATM, the suspected skimming device was no longer present. A number of enquiries were conducted but the offence remains undetected.”

He added: “This type of incident is rare, thousands of safe transactions are made every day at cash points across the city.

“However, police would advise members of the public if they notice anything unusual about any cash machine or have any concerns that the machine they are about to use could have been tampered with, to report it to the police straightaway.”