Cash handouts just slow form of suicide

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I AGREE that alcoholics and drug users need help, but throwing money at them in the form of benefits or disability living allowance is far from the answer.

The money that they are in receipt of would be far better spent in forced treatment and recovery programmes.

Think of it this way. Would you hand a suicidal person money to buy a gun with ammunition?

Of course you wouldn’t.So why is the Government handing money to these people enabling them to commit a slow form of suicide?

If their money were taken away until they successfully completed treatment or recovery, society as well as the alcoholic/addict would be far better off.

I had a home medical visit both for DLA and ESA, as I struggle with mobility, so why not the alcoholics and addicts? once assessed, the treatment could then start immediately.

With a budget of 750K, running the treatment and recovery centres costs would be covered. (Not to mention lower incidents of thefts and muggings)

Concerned Sheffield Resident

n Regarding your article on the ‘revelation’ that DLA is paid to drug addicts and alcoholics, often without any medical evidence.

I’m surprised Clive Betts is amazed at this piece of information because, a few years ago, when I worked at the DWP and Labour were in power, I wrote to him, speaking of the frustration of staff at all the waste in the benefit system.

I was so fed up that I believe I wrote to the Star.

I gave examples of how money was wasted, including the poor policing of Tax Credits and DLA, pointing out that DLA was often paid with no medical evidence.

I also stated that it was folly to pay DLA to drug addicts and alcoholics as they would find it difficult to resist the temptation to spend the money on drugs and alcohol.

Not only that, but DLA also leads to large increases in their Income Support, by virtue of the Disabilty Premium and Severe Disability Premium.

I told Mr Betts this some years ago, in the vain hope that he may speak to those who could bring about changes, but just as with senior DWP management, nothing happened.

ME, Sheffield