Cash crisis at animal centre forces appeal

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THORNBERRY Animal Sanctuary has cut back on the number of abandoned pets it can take in, after funding ran out.

The cash-strapped sanctuary has stopped taking in all but emergencies, and is appealing for pet lovers to help it carry on.

A spokesman for the North Anston sanctuary said: “We have substantial amounts of money coming to us in the pipeline from the sale of a farmhouse, but that is progressing slowly.

“The tragedy is we may not be able to survive long enough to benefit from these funds. In the interim however, the trustees will not let the sanctuary close and we will uphold our ‘no kill’ policy.

“The sanctuary will continue to be run, with voluntary help if needs be in order to reduce outgoings, but there will still be utilities, insurances, veterinary costs and other items requiring to be paid.

“To this end we will of course continue to raise money by means of our jumble sales, our cafe, street collections and our many other fundraising activities.”

Anyone able to help the sanctuary is asked to call 01909 564399 urgently.