'Case closed' against Sheffield tree campaigners accused of poisoning council staff

The tree campaigners accused of 'poisoning' council staff with laxative spiked drinks have said they deserve an apology after the case against them was closed by police.

Tuesday, 27th March 2018, 4:54 pm
Updated Tuesday, 27th March 2018, 7:15 pm
Dr. John Unwin and his wife Susan Unwin.

Susan Unwin and her husband Dr John Unwin, of Chatsworth Road, Totley, were investigated by police after three Amey workmen fell ill shortly after being made drinks by residents.

Detectives who visited the couple's home shortly afterwards quizzed them about whether they had made the drinks - two teas and one orange squash - and also asked them if they had added laxatives to them.

Today, however, Susan found out from journalists covering the story that the case had been closed - and South Yorkshire Police confirmed the news a short time ago.

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Susan said: "I was told by someone from the Yorkshire Post that my husband and I were no longer of interest to the police.

"They told me it had been in the Times - but it would be nice to be informed in person."

Speaking about the couple's ordeal, Susan said it had been 'dreadful'.

"Darren Butt (from Streets Ahead) told the New York Times that he could guarantee 'teagate' was genuine," she said.

"I think my husband and I deserve an apology from them and they have been wasting the police's time as well."

"When we were accused I was worried because you see a lot of people get put away when they haven't done anything wrong.

"My husband always said he wasn't worried though because he knew we hadn't done it."

The 59-year-old said she was 'happy' that the tree felling programme had been paused again in Sheffield but said that the damage on her street had already been done.

"We had 12 beautiful lime trees, six of which have already gone and one more is scheduled to go.

"We feel like we have been targeted. We have had 17 visits from the tree felling teams and 30 officers on our street. It is outrageous."

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police confirmed that the investigation was 'no longer live'.

They added that Susan's request for the news to be given her in person would be passed on to the investigating officer.