Carrying knives

Regarding your article showing the horrific wounds of the knife victim and the stupid sentences fished out by our judges, people wonder how this can happen with the laws regarding carrying knives.

To find out how this is happening just look in Sheffield Free ads under “camping knives” and you will see all sorts of knives for sale.

These range from 3inch to over 12inch, machetes, Rambo style knives, spring- assisted knives, every type of knife imaginable with prices from as little as £10.

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Perhaps the police could get an under-age person to send for one and see if they are easily purchased.

It’s some good making it illegal to carry knives with a blade no longer than 4inches “I think” and then make exceptions to make it possible to purchase even longer blades, eg. ornemental?

Dave M

by email

School parking

The parents with no common sense and no thought for local residents should be prosecuted for parking on single and double lines, across drives and double park on narrow roads.

They also park all over pavements, with no regard for safety. This happens around Halifax Road, yet council enforcement only call once every three months at best.

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This is despite several calls to management in charge. When officers do attend, it is rare for any tickets etc.

It’s time to sort out these issues.

Strange that when there is a football match there are plenty of wardens giving out tickets, yet the issues around schools are every day.



We say no fracking way

I couldn’t careless that INEOS say they are disappointed that the council has denied permission to frack?

I live where INEOS want to frack and our community say no fracking way because we don’t want to live with constant drilling noise, substantial increase in heavy duty lorries on already accident-prone country lanes.

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We don’t want to live in fear of our water and land being contaminated due to chemical leaks.

We don’t want to live with the fear of earthquakes which has already happened near Blackpool in 2011.

Ron Coyle CEO of INOES says the USA are having a economic renaissance!

I don’t think so, the only thing that the communities in the USA have gained is polluted water, illness and the destruction of land and abandoned wells.


by email

Changing Lives

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Currently running at the Western Park museum is an inspiring exhibition called: Changing Lives: 200 Years of People and Protest in Sheffield.

It includes photographs of those arrested while campaigning to save Sheffield’s healthy street trees, taken by photographer Chris Saunders who is also known for his photos of film director David Lynch.

However, it was a great shame that the exhibition, despite space, failed to display the start date of the save Sheffield trees campaign which was May 2015.


by email

Verges look like Somme

Not so many issues of The Star ago, the front page headlines informed all its readers of vandalism on OAPs’ homes by the off-road bikers.

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Well, out here in Stocksbridge we OAPs living on Grayson Close are also having the verges ruined and this by pig-headed car/van drivers who since last Christmas have churned up the grass verges to what now looks much like the Somme battlefields in WW1.

Pete Godfrey


What utter twaddle

Recently, James Shield wrote in his column about Tony Currie being the best Blades’ player ever.

Utter twaddle.

For one, Jimmy Hagan was a far better player and one who was also the most loyal, unlike Tony Currie who played for money, and of course himself.

I never once saw TC tackle back when he lost the ball but he just stood there in one spot.

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I once saw Cec Coldwell informing TC to stop clowning around as TC sat on the ball to mock Alan Ball, saying if you want to clown about go and join up with Billy Smart’s circus.

And I believe that Leeds fans hooted their derision at TC for his lack of effort in tracking back.

Players like Alan Woodward, Doc Pace, and John Tudor, would also act as defenders when United was up against it.

Not so TC, he only wanted the ball at his feet!

Pete Godfrey


Sheffield Castle

Well I’m sitting here saving me heating in the plush new offices of the Star and Telegraph.

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I glance through the window and my eye is caught by Wincobank Hill.

Now Wincobank Hill features in the background of all the conjectural artists’ impressions of Sheffield Castle.

Now there’s a lot happening regarding yon site, so bear with us . Information and updates will follow.

Ron Clayton


I’ll help clean

I am furious as I’ve just been to the Co-op at the Manor Park Centre and as I got to the Poppy Fields, I saw some cans and crisp packets and then further on I saw some polystyrene all over the place, so yes, I will help you to keep Sheffield clean.

Miss J Spencer

by email

Alan’s back

He got the second series finally, Alan Partridge is back at the BBC. Aha.

Jayne Grayson

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