Carol takes credit in newly introduced South Yorkshire hospital award

Barnsley Hospital has introduced the first ever public nominated Brilliant Awards with Phlebotomy Service Manager Carol Heritage the first praiseworthy recipient.

The Trust has long given out monthly awards to individuals and teams who’ve been nominated by their peers.

However, it’s been decided that, after receiving much praise from members of the public who are cared for by the hospital, we listen to patient’s experiences while in our care and duly honour their views and staff accordingly. Winners are selected from feedback we receive via social media and NHS Choices. All the feedback is sent to the Chairman and Chief Executive for them to decide the winner.

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Carol was nominated for her calming and reassuring attitude towards an extremely nervous patient, whose nomination read: “Today I went for my bloods taking at Phlebotomy in your hospital.

“I am extremely needle phobic and have had an awful day, working myself up to have my bloods taken this afternoon. When my name was called from the waiting room, I felt so faint and frightened, I could feel tears coming.

“The lady who took my bloods was named Carol, she was tall with dark hair and was super friendly! She made me feel at ease, she dropped the bed for me so that I could lay down, she was so quick too, the needle was out before I even felt it.

“She ensured that I was okay before I left, she asked me if I wanted a drink and told me not to rush off, she allowed me to take my time and was just so understanding. It really is the little things like this. I can honestly say having blood tests/vaccinations are my biggest fear and today Carol was so helpful and was great at dealing with my phobia.”