Carer steals thousands of pounds from 'vulnerable' old man

A female carer stole £8,000 from a 91 year old man while he recovered in hospital.

Sharon Tolley, aged 44, was given a two year suspended prison sentence at Sheffield Crown Court today.

She was employed by CRG Home Care to look after the elderly Rotherham man but instead stole over £8,000 between July and September last year.

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Tolley, of Hounsfield Crescent, Rotherham, had access to his home and began withdrawing money from his account after the elderly man had suffered a fall last July.

Throughout the 'complex and lengthy' investigation Tolley showed 'no remorse for her actions' according to South Yorkshire Police.

Apparently, she used some of the stolen cash to pay off her debts but blew the rest of it on clothes, furniture, a new iPad tablet, a pressure washer, and a holiday to Skegness.

She told those close to her that she’d won the Irish lottery to account for the extra money. When the spree was over there was just £2 left in the account.

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A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said: “Sharon Tolley was employed to care for and look after the victim, but she abused her position of trust in the worst possible way."

“She took a substantial sum of money while the elderly man who had trusted her was in hospital. She knew he was vulnerable and in fact thought he had died. She callously stole from him simply to make herself more comfortable, going on spending sprees and funding a family holiday."

Tolley was also ordered to complete 240 hours unpaid work and pay £500 compensation to the victim.

Her partner, Darren Boden, 42, was charged with possession of criminal property. He was given a five-month community order, five-month electronic curfew and ordered to pay the victim £2000 compensation. Both Tolley and Boden pleaded guilty to the charges against them.