Career criminal jailed for hiding ammunition

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A SHEFFIELD drug addict with a long criminal record ‘tried to engineer’ his own arrest by police during a disturbance, a court heard.

Drunken John Jubb, 37, armed himself with a fishing rod and threatened officers saying: “Are you looking for me - come on then.”

He struck out before the officers managed to calm him down and he dropped the weapon on the floor.

Just two days before he claimed his drink had been spiked with LSD by a visitor and while under the influence was talked into looking after some shotgun cartridges for a known criminal.

Danny Simpson, defending, told Sheffield Crown Court this triggered anxiety in Jubb and he could not control his emotions which led to the confrontation with police.

“In some ways he was trying to engineer his own arrest,” he said. “His threats were not made to any particular individual.”

After his arrest Jubb told police he had five cartridges and wanted officers to take them away.

Jubb, of Wharncliffe Avenue, Wharncliffe Side, admitted possessing prohibited ammunition, affray and having a small amount of cannabis.

He has 38 previous convictions for 124 offences including theft, assault, motoring offences, possessing drugs, burglary and attacking police.

Mr Simpson said his parents were alcoholics and subjected him to physical abuse.He spent many years as a drug addict.

He had recently sought rehabilitation but as a result of his addiction contracted hepatitis C and needed treatment.

Judge Roger Keen gave Jubb credit for his pleas and mitigating circumstances but jailed him for 15 months.

He said: “You took possession of ammunition for another criminal intending to take care of the cartridges and return them. I agree there has been a substantial change in you but you keep on committing offences.”