Car seized after unlicensed driver stopped by South Yorkshire Police

The car was seized by South Yorkshire Police
The car was seized by South Yorkshire Police
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Police stopped a car in Doncaster after an officer spotted a toddler asleep on a woman's knee.

The two-year-old child was asleep on a woman's knee in the back of a Peugeot pulled over in Stainforth when officers spotted the little girl in the early hours of this morning.

The driver was initially issued with a £00 fixed penalty notice for the driving offence until further checks revealed he had not passed his driving test.

Officers seized the vehicle and revealed details of the incident as a warning that 'eagle-eyed officers' are patrolling the streets.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "This car was stopped in Stainforth iin the early hours of this morning. It was stopped because as it drove by one of our eagle eyed officers, they noticed that the lady in the rear nearside seat had a two-year-old sleeping on her lap.

"When the car was stopped, the driver was spoken to about manner in which they were transporting the child. Apparently that child was not theirs, but they were bringing them back from hospital as she had been poorly. The officer was assured that this was a good idea because not only was the child sick, but they were a very good driver and would not crash.

"The officer naturally pointed out that regardless of how good a driver they were, they might well be involved in a collision that was not their fault. At that point, the child that had been peacefully sleeping in the lady's arms would be thrown forwards with some force causing injuries to not only the child, but others in the car.

"The offence was dealt with by way of a fixed penalty notice, with the driver having accepted the officer's point of view.

"Unfortunately for the driver, not only did they end up with a £100 fine for their trouble, but the officer also did some checks on things like their driving licence and insurance. Sadly this really good driver had not actually demonstrated their brilliance in any kind of driving test. As there were no L plates on the car, and they weren't being supervised by anyone, their car was seized.

"Even more unfortunately, their insurance company will likely only cover them if they were complying with the terms of their driving licence, regardless of how awe inspiring their driving may, or may not, be.

"The moral of the story then is that people that don't stick to the rules tend not to be fussy about the laws they choose to ignore.

"If this driver had done as they were supposed to and put the two-year-old in a suitable child seat, they would possibly have been left alone.

"Most importantly, hopefully this driver will learn their lesson and ensure they and their passengers belt up the next time they go out in the car. "Seatbelts are there to protect us should the worst happen. We see the consequences of not wearing seatbelts all too often - that is why enforcing seatbelt laws is something we make no apologies for doing."