Car gang villain faces loss of all his assets paid for by crime proceeds

Convicted - David Frost
Convicted - David Frost
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The car crook who could boast a swimming pool in the back garden of his South Yorkshire council house is facing up to the loss of all his ill-gotten gains.

Doncaster’s top police officer today pledged to “pull the plug” on the pool which first came to public attention on the Google Maps website.

Gattison Lane, Rossington. Picture courtesy of Google Maps.

Gattison Lane, Rossington. Picture courtesy of Google Maps.

Specialist detectives are busy tracking down the assets of Rossington man David Frost, who was jailed for 10 years last week for running a car ringing gang which was infiltrated by undercover cops.

He is one of four men who will face a separate Proceeds of Crime Act hearing later this year and a judge has already ordered the 33-year-old to declare his assets.

Judge Peter Kelson, QC, referred to Frost’s “extravagant lifestyle” when he sentenced him at Doncaster Crown Court, although made no direct comment about the large open-air swimming pool in the rear garden of the house on Gattison Lane he shared with his wife and children until he was arrested in dawn raids last autumn.

Detectives in the case are convinced the pool must have been paid for with ‘dirty money’ - the large sums of cash he was being paid for high-value stolen cars he was passing on after they were stolen in burglaries across Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire.

Chf Supt Bob Sanderson, Doncaster police commander, said after the gang was given prison terms totalling more than 40 years: “All these men were bothered about was having a lavish lifestyle on the back of the proceeds of crime.

“All of them were living far beyond their legitimate means and we will be working closely with other agencies to pursue them for the proceeds of crime - and that does include the swimming pool in Frost’s garden.

“I’ve got meetings coming up to discuss the pool and people can rest assured that either because of a breach of the tenancy agreement or because it was paid for by the proceeds of crime, it will go.

“One way or another we will pull the plug on that. The proceeds of crime case will impact on Mrs Frost as much as her husband and we will take whatever we can off them.”

When Frost’s swimming pool and decking hit the national headlines last month he was described as a landscape gardener and neighbours said he had spent thousands renovating the house, including a 6ft tall fence and gates for privacy, even though it was rented from St Leger Homes of Doncaster.

Susan Jordan, chief executive of St Leger Homes of Doncaster, said: “We are currently aware of the situation with Mrs Frost’s husband and as always will be working to support the police.”

It is understood his wife, Lisa, is named as the tenant of the semi-detached house.