Car found crashed and on fire on supermarket car park in Sheffield was stolen

A car found crashed and on fire on a supermarket car park in Sheffield was stolen from outside a house in a city suburb earlier that night.

By Claire Lewis
Friday, 1st November 2019, 12:19 pm
Updated Friday, 1st November 2019, 2:43 pm

Firefighters who dealt with the incident have logged the blaze as ‘deliberate’.

A car caught fire on Waitrose car park on Ecclesall Road last night (Pic: Trevor Pask)

Val Lewins, aged 38, from Loxley Road, Loxley, had just discovered that her car had been stolen and was on hold to South Yorkshire Police as she attempted to report the theft when officers called at her home to alert her to the incident.

Her keys, which she believed had been accidentally thrown away with her household rubbish two weeks ago, were found in the ignition – leaving her to now believe they were stolen from her home.

The mum-of-four said: “I had been out trick-or-treating with the kids and when we got back home at around 7pm the car was there then.

“I was just about to take my daughter’s friend home later that night when I realised it was missing.

“I dialled 101 and was on hold as I tried to report it when the police called at the house and said the car had been wrapped around a lamppost at Waitrose.

“I was shocked when they said the keys were in the ignition because that means I have been burgled without realising; someone has been in my house.”

She added: “I lost a key that I used to keep in a pot on the microwave about two weeks ago and after having the house upside down to look for it I just assumed it had been thrown away by accident.

“Now to think that someone has taken it from my house is really worrying.

“The police said this has been happening a lot round here.”

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.