Car blaze brings rush-hour street to standstill

Car on fire on Glossop Road
Car on fire on Glossop Road
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A BUSY Sheffield road was brought to a standstill during morning rush hour when a car went up in flames just feet from a row of shops.

The black Vauxhall Vectra caught fire on Glossop Road, Broomhill, opposite The University of Sheffield Drama Studio not far from the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

Flames were close to spreading to the Lunch Station sandwich shop and to the EG hair salon before they were extinguished.

Edwin Grosvenor, who runs EG Hair, said: “It was a courtesy car and the man who was driving it was taking his children to school when it started playing up.

“It stopped in the middle of the road so he pushed it to the side of the road and left it there with the hazard lights on while he walked his kids to school but when he was away it caught fire. When he got back the car was destroyed.”

The cause of the blaze has been logged as accidental.