Captain’s pride as Sheffield boys earn top Brigade awards

The 30th Sheffield Boys' Brigade Company based at Wesley Hall Church, Crookes
The 30th Sheffield Boys' Brigade Company based at Wesley Hall Church, Crookes
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BOYS will be boys – and boys who join the Boys’ Brigade generally go on to be better ones while having fun in the process.

The 30th Sheffield Boys’ Brigade, based at Wesley Hall Church, Crookes, was successfully re-formed in 2007 and has never looked back – and neither have the lads who joined them.

And now the group, which runs a company for youngsters aged 11 to 15 and seniors for those aged 15 to 18, is looking for new members, particularly those aged 11 to 14.

Company Captain Brian Betts said: “Getting involved in the Boys’ Brigade training programme has led to seven young members of the company gaining the brigade’s top award, the Queen’s Badge, while 14 members have gained the President’s Badge, the second highest award.

“The group has always maintained a friendly and informal ethos with its members. We believe in encouragement and self discipline.

“The group runs with an emphasis of team spirit, fun, involvement and a sense of purpose.”

Mr Betts said the team of leaders running the group has put together a well structured programme with weekly meetings and fun activities.

Members take part in fund raising activities, including bag-packing at the local Co-op and regular car washes in the car park. And the money they raised has enabled the group to purchase a full set of tents and camping equipment.

These are used on two major camps during the year – a long weekend at Bridlington and a week on the Isle of Wight each August.

The 30th company meets on Wednesdays from 7.45pm to 9.15pm. For details, call Brian on 07734 304020.