Caning never did me any harm or good

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I am replying to a letter from Max Nottingham, (a few weeks ago), regarding boys schools caning pupils.

I don’t know how old Mr Nottingham is, but, I, being nearly 80 years old remember being caned at school.

It wasn’t just boys.

We were caned for flimsly reasons, ie. talking to our neighbour sitting at the same desk.

In those days, it was just natural to us.

Also, when we got home and told our parents, the answer was usually “Why, what were you doing?”

Not like these days when parents are up to school when their child has received a severe look.

As Mr Nottingham remarked they used to say “It never did me any harm.”

In my case, no, I don’t suppose it did me any harm, but I don’t think it did me any good either.

Barbara Thompson