Candlelit vigil for Harambe to be held in Sheffield

The Harambe event
The Harambe event
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A candlelit vigil will be held in Sheffield on Friday in honour of Harambe, the gorilla which was killed in a zoo earlier this year.

The group have organised a candlelit gathering in honour of Harambe, who was shot by Cincinnati Zoo keepers after a child accidentally entered his enclosure five months ago.

They will meet at Weston Park at 8pm on Friday. More than 1,600 have confirmed to attend so far on Facebook.

An outpouring of sympathy followed the death of the western lowland gorilla, after he was filmed toying with a three-year-old boy who had fallen over the fence into his pen.

The child was not injured but zoo staff feared for his safety as the 17-year-old silverback dragged him up a ladder out of a moat.

Harambe was killed with a single gunshot, and the incident divided opinion all over the world.

Some commenters believed the boy’s parents should be held responsible and that the primate would not have harmed him, but others saw the decision as the only possible course of action.

The group has issued this statement about the event:

"On this day 5 months ago Harambe was cruelly taken from us.

"He was the best of us all, and taught us to reach out and help others, no matter the costs.

"The gorilla-shaped hole His passing left in our hearts may never be healed.

"But we can still honor His memory by coming together to raise a candle in sadness, yet also in celebration.

"We will never forget."