Candidates antics like Vicar of Dibley

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When will the modern- day Labour Party learn its lesson and stop shooting itself in the foot?

A glimmer of hope was on the horizon when Jeremy Corbyn put his name forward in the leadership fight.

Finally we might get away from the Blairite moderation gang and regain some credibility.

Corbyn, to my mind, really brings back overdue hope to long-suffering Labour supporters, but alas, all too soon, New Labour wants to burst the bubble.

Apparently, they are determined to do the Tories’ job for them.

Obviously, they are vehemently against socialism, (tut, tut), but maybe they should read their Labour Party membership card, which states, “The Labour Party is a democratic socialist party”.

Picking up on the word “democratic”, we can clearly see that Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall are obviously behind the democratic concept by urging Labour supporters not to vote for Jeremy Corbyn and implying that they would not work with him should he become leader, (the term “throwing their teddies out of the cot” comes to mind).

Andy Burnham sits on the fence hoping to pull in secondary votes from the Corbyn supporters, but even he has infuriated Cooper by saying that there would be a place for Corbyn in his shadow cabinet.

While it seems almost irrelevant to state that whilst sleeping Labour voters are now waking up to the thought of Corbyn leading a fightback and attracting thousands of new members to boot, the other candidates think the grass roots membership is not intelligent enough to decide for themselves.

With that attitude all is in danger of being lost.

Surely they should be embracing democracy rather than adopting the time-honoured tradition of the Tories and shunning it.

It would seem, after Cooper’s latest tirade stating that she wouldn’t work with Corbyn, that her ultimate take on democracy is either for her to be the only candidate or for her to choose the candidates of whom she approves.

Hopefully, Corbyn can win on the first vote, otherwise the Vicar of Dibley antics of the other candidates will have Cameron and his gang laughing at the words “socialism” and “democratic” for many years to come.

James Whittaker

Northumberland Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74