Cancer victim’s ‘disgust’ at insurance payout refusal

Danny Wild from Middlewood who has been refused a payout on his insurance even though he is suffering from bladder cancer
Danny Wild from Middlewood who has been refused a payout on his insurance even though he is suffering from bladder cancer
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A SHEFFIELD dad-of-two with cancer is fighting his insurance company for refusing to pay out on his critical illness policy - despite him paying into it for 11 years.

Danny Wild, of Middlewood, was diagnosed with the early stages of bladder cancer 12 months ago, and when chemotherapy failed medics advised the removal of his bladder.

But when the self-employed telecommunications expert contacted his insurance company Aviva, he was told that the early stages of cancer are not covered under his policy and he has to wait until his condition deteriorates before it will pay-out.

The 39-year-old said he feels ‘let down’ and ‘disgusted’ that he has to put his life at risk before Aviva will pay out.

“Because I am self employed, I have had to plan ahead for all eventualities,” he said.

“Doctors have advised removal of my bladder, but I can’t afford to be off work for the six months it will take to recover, so I have to wait until the cancer has spread before Aviva will pay out and give me the peace of mind knowing I can meet my financial obligations when I am off.

“I’ve worked hard all my life and if I hadn’t planned ahead I would have just accepted having the operation would mean no money for six months.

“However, when you pay into these policies you do so in good faith - it’s bad enough worrying about my health without our finances too.”

An Aviva spokeswoman said: “While we sympathise with Mr Wild’s situation, we have reviewed his claim and unfortunately his illness is not one of the conditions covered under his policy.

“Aviva critical illness policies offer customers financial protection against a list of conditions, to provide them with a payment if they are diagnosed with one of these illnesses. We’re committed to paying as many claims as we can.

“While a variety of cancers are included under our policies, certain types - where recovery rates tend to be more favourable - may not be.

“This is because if insurers were to cover additional conditions, such as these, the price of cover would increase for all customers, potentially making the product unaffordable.

“Regrettably this means we are unable to include within our cover all illnesses which some customers may view as ‘critical’. Unfortunately, if a customer has a condition not covered under our policy definitions, we are unable to pay. We consider all cases on an individual basis and pay all valid claims.”