Cancer victim in desperate plea for cash to help her live

Hayley Kalinins with her husband, Andy and their four children
Hayley Kalinins with her husband, Andy and their four children
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The cancer stricken wife of Sheffield Wednesday's fitness coach has issued a desperate plea for more help to pay for specialist treatment - saying she is 'not ready to give up'.

Hayley Kalinins, aged 35, wife of Owls fitness coach Andy Kalinins, has secondary breast cancer, with tumours in her breast and lungs.

She set up an online fundraising page earlier this year to raise cash to go to a specialist clinic in Germany, which offers a treatment not yet available in the UK.

Around 100,000 was raised within weeks but donations are now drying up off and on Tuesday the mum-of-four said she was 'absolutely devastated' that her online appeal had 'come to a standstill'.

Hayley, who endured 79 rounds of chemotherapy in the UK before medics told her they had run out of options, has spent all the donations on treatment and needs to raise another £150,000.

She said the lack of new donations means she will have to stop her treatment, despite test results three weeks ago showing it is working.

Immunotherapy treatment is designed to boost the body's natural defences to fight cancer.

But since she issued her desperate plea another £7,000 has been donated, which she said 'restores everyone's faith that in terrible times people can pull together and help'.

"Even though three weeks ago we had the most fantastic news that the treatments are working at the clinic in Germany, but now without the funds I cannot continue on this treatment plan," she said.

"There are no words. It's all about the money. Without the money I cannot have the treatments, without the treatments I will die.

"The only options here in the UK would be for me to revisit one of the harsh chemotherapies they put me on nearly five years ago, which in itself nearly killed me. I cannot do that again. The side effects are dreadful and the chances of it actually working are low as I have had it before.

"I have four amazing, gorgeous children and a husband, mum, dad and close family who I love dearly and I'm not ready to give up.

"This is one last plea to get help, I have come so far, I can't go yet. I feel so well and don't feel now is the time to die to this dreadful disease."

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