Cancer scam dad just sick

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Every day, millions do - and all sufferers and their families can do is hope.

How disgusted they must be that a 39-year-old Rugby dad of three could be low- enough to claim the disease was about to kill him - and all so he could milk everyone who cared about him.

Simon Swift just came back from a hospital check-up one day and told his family he had inoperable spine, brain and bone tumours. You can only imagine their shock and devastation. How could anyone do that to their children?

Worse - if anything could be - he persuaded them to start fundraising for him to make his last months special. He even went public about his “acceptance” of imminent death in his local paper to persuade more sympathetic people to donate.

This heartless, shameless liar was uncovered by the hospital who had never treated him.

Now serving a 20-month jail sentence, Swift clearly WAS sick. In the head.