Cancer holds fewer fears

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THERE was a time when a diagnosis of cancer meant it was only a matter of time until you died from the disease.

But advancement of research and treatment now means survival rates have risen dramatically and there are many forms of cancer that are curable.

One of the pioneers of that research is our very own Weston Park Hospital - renowned as a centre of excellence for treatment and specialist care.

That has just been endorsed by patients who have scored it one of the highest in the UK according to a national survey.

But the success of treating cancer patients brings its own problems and the Macmillan Cancer Care charity warns today that longer survival rates means the number of elderly people living with cancer will more than treble by 2040.

That is good news for patients but will add to the burden of the NHS and charities that offer the support for patients.

Car free? We are on the right track

WHILE many cities aspire to reducing car use, Sheffield is actually doing it.

Research shows Sheffield is the least car dependent city in Yorkshire and the Humber, which is no mean feat considering the challenges we face.

Being built on seven hills is always going to present obstacles to cycling and walking, so it is no surprise there is still work to be done to encourage these as alternatives to driving.

But the Car Dependency Scorecard does give reason for optimism.

Whether it’s a better public transport service, more people car sharing, walking or cycling, Sheffield is beating Leeds, Hull and Bradford.

It shows the people of this city are prepared to use buses and trams.

Now the council and transport bosses need to help our willingness to walk and cycle by promoting them as a viable way of getting to work.

Praise well merited

SCHOOLBOY Seamus Buckley should be proud of himself.

Not only did he rescue a four-year-old girl who was trapped in a runaway car, he then brought the vehicle to a halt. The 14-year-old stayed calm when many older people would have panicked. He grabbed the door of the car, freed the youngster and lifted her to safety.

Then he got in the car and put on the handbrake bringing it to a halt.

Seamus says it’s something anyone would have done. That’s the kind of humble reaction of a boy who does not make a big deal out of things.

But others are hailing him a hero and Seamus deserves all the praise he gets.