Cancer centre boosts search for treatments

Debbie Ringshaw shows Prof Robert Coleman the effects of smoking related cancers
Debbie Ringshaw shows Prof Robert Coleman the effects of smoking related cancers
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DOCTORS and scientists are celebrating the launch of the new Sheffield Cancer Research Centre, which will produce the next generation of groundbreaking medical understanding.

Three charities have come together to fund the new centre - a collaboration between Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and The University of Sheffield - to accelerate the search for better treatments for cancer patients.

Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity, Cancer Research UK and Yorkshire Cancer Research have all united for the first time to fund the multi-million pound centre, which will bring academics, doctors, researchers, students and patients together from across the city’s hospitals and research labs.

The centre’s director, Professor Rob Coleman, speaking before an evening of talks to 250 guests to mark the launch of the venture, told The Star patients could expect to see direct benefits.

“This will act as a springboard to get more investment into the city, from charities and from industry,” he said.

“It will help us bring new treatments to patients a little earlier. We have hired six new staff, three doctors and three scientists, who are really the next generation of researchers in this field.”

He said the centre, one of 17 around the country, will build on the work of Weston Park cancer hospital and Sheffield’s medical school.

“This will really increase the profile of Sheffield and the university,” he said.

“There is still a perception that Sheffield is a small city up north. We need to really sell the city to get the very best doctors and the very best scientists to come and work here. That doesn’t happen by accident.”

Dr Iain Foulkes, Cancer Research UK’s executive director of research, said: “Sheffield is building on a fantastic heritage.

“This new centre aims to integrate the work people are doing, to get scientists and clinicians working together.”