Can you offer Foxy a Sheffield home?

Flap-eared Foxy.
Flap-eared Foxy.
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This Foxy chap has an ear cocked waiting to hear someone call his name – and possibly offer him a new home.

Foxy is a crossbreed, about a year old, who had an unsettled start to life.

However, his young age means he is open to learning new rules and a new start.

Tony Benham, RSPCA Sheffield branch animal care manager, said: “Foxy is a cute, perky young dog, who came to us in February and is just jumping to start spring in a forever home.

“A waggy tailed chap, with appealing eyes and sleek brown and white fur, he came to us due to welfare concerns, but we have very few details other than that.

“Whatever his initial past experience was, we are pleased to say he has kept his pleasant personality and outgoing nature.

“He is very bright, a bit excitable at times but well worth the effort.

“He just needs an environment where he can relax, knowing he has found his forever home and the security and consistency that brings.

“In return, he can offer lots of fun, loyalty and companionship.”

* For details, call 0114 289 8050.