Can you identify graffiti vandal?

Sumol, Miso and Beat graffiti on the shutters of HK Off Licence in Crookes
Sumol, Miso and Beat graffiti on the shutters of HK Off Licence in Crookes
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A VANDAL sprayed their graffiti tag more than 60 times in one night on shops in a Sheffield suburb.

Now The Star is hoping readers can help police identify the yob whose tag is defacing the main road through Crookes.

Almost every tag spells the word Sumol, in blue or silver paint. A similar tag, Relax, appears too.

The scrawl was daubed overnight on the walls and shutters of dozens of shops in Crookes, as well as on phone boxes, post boxes, and billboards.

Where the graffiti was sprayed on property such as bus shelters and electricity junction boxes, it has been removed.

But the blight remains on the sides of shops whose owners can ill-afford to have it repainted or cleaned.

Police Community Support Officer Pam Thompson said the police are working hard to identify the culprit.

Now it is hoped Star readers will be able to help name the person responsible - or that a teacher or youth worker might recall seeing the same scrawl on a student’s bag or folders.

“I would have thought it must be someone from Crookes, or with strong links to the area, due to the sheer number of tags that have appeared here,” said PCSO Thompson.

“The same tag has subsequently appeared on the Phoenix Futures building on Division Street in the city centre, and at Bingham Park on Rustlings Road.

“But those are isolated. In Crookes there are more than 60 tags, all of which appeared in one night.”

PCSO Thompson said efforts to find the vandal have included speaking to local shopkeepers and trawling through CCTV.

“We do have one possible sighting of two youths acting suspiciously on the night in question,” she said.

“We have circulated information to the local secondary schools, Tapton and King Edward’s, and asked them to raise the issue in assemblies.

“We’ve got a police officer that liaises with Sheffield University, and an appeal has gone out on its Facebook page.

“And the workers at the local youth club at Wesley Hall have all been emailed.

“Sadly the graffiti is hanging around because most of the shopkeepers say if they clean it off it just creates a blank canvas for it to happen again.

“But it’s not very nice, and at night it looks even worse because it’s on most of the shops’ shutters when they’re down.”

Anyone with information is urged to call South Yorkshire Police on 101 quoting incident 910 of 22/2/2013, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.