Can you give Sheffield Bulldog Olympia a loving home?

Olympia is looking for a new home
Olympia is looking for a new home
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A cute black and white female American Bulldog at Sheffield Animal Centre is looking for a new home.

Olympia – a two-year-old dog – came into the shelter in Attercliffe on January 25 and is described by staff as an ‘amazing bouncy girl’ who came from another centre.

The dog has no health issues at all, but it is not yet known how she is around children.

Olympia would have to be the only pet in the household and there would have to be no cats.

It is unknown how often she would need walking, but it is known that she likes to eat James Wellbeloved Complete food.

She has been in kennels for some time and therefore she is desperately seeking some much needed love and attention.

The young American Bulldog is quite a timid girl when she first meets new people or is faced with new surroundings, but it does not take long for her puppy-like personality to shine through and charm people.

A member of staff said: “She is such a sweet and smiley girl and so much fun to be with.

“This lovely soul is seeking a home where she can have lots of love, support and time to become part of a new family.”

It is known that Olympia loves a good run around and she enjoys lots of exercise and extra stimulation to keep her clever mind busy.

The dog is also eager to learn new skills and tricks – especially for lots of tasty rewards.

Olympia is quite an enthusiastic girl, especially when meeting other dogs. She can be a little over the top, so she is able to mix with super tolerant dogs.

However, she would prefer to be the only canine resident in her new home so she can continue to work on her education and skills around other dogs at a slow and steady pace.

This beautiful dog is looking for a home with adults and teenage children who will understand her needs and will all be able to join in with her day to day care. Due to the size, strength and enthusiasm of this super girl, she`d love an active home, with robust family members, who will be able to manage her strength and energy and with who she can have a million adventures!

Could you offer this marvellous girl a new life? Call in at the centre in Stadium Way or call 0114 289 8050.